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Braces Friendly Easter Baskets


Navigating Easter goodies can be tough with braces. We have come up with some brace friendly candy suggestions to fill your basket and keep you smiling this Easter.

When it comes to Easter candy, the struggle is real for kids with braces.
Candies that are hard, sticky or chewy can damage your braces and cause problems for your smile. Did you know that jellybeans are an Easter favorite and can cause serious damage to your wires and brackets? While navigating holiday goodies may be a bit tougher with braces, we have come up with some suggestions to help parents create the perfect, Jolley approved basket this Easter!

Things to include in your Brace Friendly Easter Baskets:

• This soft and delicious treat it’s safe for kids with braces. We especially like the hollow bunnies at Easter! It is important to stick with traditional chocolate bunnies and eggs. Avoid chocolate with nuts, raisins, caramel or other chewy or sticky ingredients. This includes Reese’s eggs!

Baked Goods
• Baked goods such as decorated cookies and cakes are Jolley approved choices for your braces. You can have fun decorating these with the kiddos too! Try using icing to draw Easter designs on the cookies. Be sure to avoid any hard candy or nuts in your decorating to protect your braces.

Non-Edible Treats
• Who needs all that candy anyway? Use your imagination to come up with some fun alternatives to candy this Easter! Try stuffing eggs with stickers, cash, and other small prizes to switch it up a bit and give your smile a break from the sugary sweets.

Whatever you choose to do for Easter this year, we hope that you take the time to enjoy the holiday with your family. Remember to capture lots of memories and savor every smile.

Do you have great ideas for brace friendly Easter Baskets too? We’d love to hear them! Drop a note below or find us on Facebook to share your ideas and tag @JolleyBraces in your Brace Friendly Easter Basket photos!