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Fun Facts About Orthodontics


Welcome to the world of orthodontics with Dr. Cameron Jolley at Jolley Orthodontics! We've put together five fun facts about orthodontics that might just surprise you. So, get ready to dive into this fascinating realm and explore the exciting process of straightening teeth.

1. Crooked Teeth: An Age-Old Story

Did you know that people have had crooked teeth since the days of our ancient ancestors? Even Egyptian mummies have been found with metal bands around their teeth, while Greek philosopher Hippocrates mentioned "irregularities" in teeth around 400 BCE. Fast forward to 1728, French dentist Pierre Fauchard wrote about orthodontic appliances in his groundbreaking book on dentistry, The Surgeon Dentist: A Treatise on the Teeth.

2. The Birth of Orthodontics: A Golden Beginning

Orthodontics became the first dental specialty in 1900, thanks to Edward H. Angle, who was also the first orthodontist. At that time, gold was the go-to material for braces due to its malleability. However, gold's stretchy nature meant patients needed frequent adjustments to keep their treatment on track, and now metal braces are generally made from stainless steel.

3. Braces for All Ages: It's Never Too Late!

Gone are the days when braces were only for kids. Nowadays, anyone who wants beautiful, straight teeth can transform their smile, regardless of age. Dr. Jolley offers a variety of treatment options tailored to different age groups, including adult treatment. With modern techniques and appliances, discomfort levels are reduced, visits are less frequent, and treatment time is shorter.

4. The Magic of Pressure: Guiding Teeth to Perfection

Orthodontists like Dr. Jolley use appliances such as braces or aligners to apply constant, gentle pressure on teeth, guiding them into ideal positions. While some pressure is helpful, other types, like those from thumb-sucking or abnormal swallowing, can be harmful and push teeth out of place or distort bone structure.

5. The Greek Connection: Straight from the Source

The word "orthodontics" has Greek origins. The Greek language, known for its rich history and influence on various fields, played an essential role in shaping modern dentistry terminology. "Ortho" means straight or correct, while "dont" refers to a tooth. So, orthodontics literally translates to "straight teeth."

A Winning Team for Your Best Smile

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