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How Oral Health Affects Overall Health


Oral health is very important for many different reasons. Did you know that the health of your mouth has a direct relationship to your overall health? This is why having good oral hygiene and keeping your teeth clean is important. Items reach your body’s digestive and respiratory systems through your mouth. Without proper care, bacteria can build up in your mouth and then enter the rest of your body causing disease. Thankfully, with proper oral hygiene habits like brushing and flossing, your body can naturally protect itself from these bacteria.

How Does Orthodontics Impact Overall Health?

Straight teeth are often seen as a cosmetic fix and can be viewed as medically unnecessary. However, there are many benefits to having a having straighter teeth and aligned jaws. In addition, each person’s case is unique. While some patients need minor corrections, others have severe cases that can be viewed as medically necessary.

When teeth are properly aligned, they are much easier to clean. This means less bacteria can build up and cause tooth decay and cavities. Also, it has been found that straight teeth can reduce speech impediments and correct or prevent temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome which causes headaches, jaw pain, and ear pain. Last, having straight teeth builds confidence and has been shown to impact self-consciousness and insecurities.

Seeing a Dentist & an Orthodontist

It is recommended that children see a pediatric dentist by their first birthday (American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry) and an orthodontist by age seven (American Association of Orthodontists) for optimum oral health. We suggest seeing a dentist every six months for a routine cleaning and exam even during orthodontic treatment. It is never too late to begin orthodontic treatment! At Jolley Orthodontics, we see patients of all ages.

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