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Jolley Orthodontics Buddy Bench Donation


Dr. Cameron Jolley and the Jolley Orthodontics team value education and love our schools. We are so thankful for the work that all school district employees do for the children in our area. This year, we had the privilege to be involved with Beck Elementary in a really neat way. We donated three outside benches to the elementary school, two of which were buddy benches.

If you have never heard of a buddy bench before, it is an idea developed by a boy named Christian to help eliminate loneliness on the playground. If a child is in need of friends to play with, they simply go sit on the bench signaling to others that they are in need of a friend. If classmates see someone on the bench, they are encouraged to invite that person to join them. Through this process, children will gain friendships and learn compassion.

Dr. Jolley is so fortunate to be apart of this and is proud to support Beck Elementary and Northwest ISD!
For more information on the buddy bench, click HERE.