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Mentioned in The Angle Orthodontist Journal


Dr. Cameron Jolley was honored to be a part of the Angle Orthodontist Journal, for his participation in research for anterior open bite malocclusion (AOB) in adults. He was mentioned in this journal along with 13 other doctors and practices.

What is AOB?

AOB stands for "adult anterior open bite," which is a condition in the maxillary and mandibular teeth when contact is lost. In other words, the patient's upper and lower teeth slant outward when their mouth is shut. This condition can occur in many different ways: it can be hereditary, caused by thumb-sucking, or other foreign objects in a patient's mouth. In the orthodontic world, this is considered one of the most difficult conditions to treat. Dr. Jolley uses a variety of orthodontic appliances to correct the anterior open bite. Read more about the study Dr. Jolley participated in to get the full picture of the study.

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