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October is National Orthodontic Health Month


Did you know that October is National Orthodontic Health Month?

It is important that patients follow directions from their orthodontist during a month of candy-filled activities! If you have braces or other appliances, make sure to stay away from hard, sticky, or chewy candies like laffy taffy, caramel apples, corn on the cob and popcorn. While these foods are very tempting to eat, especially this month, make sure to stay strong. Breaking a bracket or another appliance can delay your treatment time and prolong the day that you get your braces off.

As always, make sure to brush your teeth (and braces) after consuming any sugary foods or drinks. If you wear Invisalign, make sure that you put your aligners back in as soon as you are done eating. Dr. Jolley and the team want you to enjoy every pumpkin flavored item you can while keeping your smile healthy. Make sure to tell your friends to be careful too! Feel free to call our office with any questions.