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The Dangers of DIY braces


DIY Braces: Knowing the Dangers

DIY braces may seem like a cheap, easy way to get a straight, beautiful smile. But the scary reality is homemade braces, as well as mail-order braces, are not the safest way to change your smile. Even still, patients see the cost of braces and tend to run the other way. If you want treatment that’s a safe as it is effective, you can’t cut corners.

DIY Braces Risks
If you decide to use homemade braces, you are at a heightened risk of:

1. Severe damage to your teeth, gums, and jaw
2. Pain in the teeth that doesn’t improve
3. Early wear of tooth enamel
4. Worsened orthodontic issues
5. Infection and tooth loss
6. Increased costs to repair damage

At-Home Orthodontics Risks
In addition to making your own orthodontic appliances, many are turning to companies promising to provide at-home orthodontic treatment. You may have seen the ads on TV and in magazines that guarantee a perfect smile without ever coming to an orthodontist’s office. It all seems so simple: you can take your own impressions at home or schedule an appointment at a 3D facility nearby. Then, the impressions ship to an orthodontist who remotely reviews the images and has your appliances made. Sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, customers often complain of poor treatment results. Impressions are often inaccurate, and the braces or aligners don’t fit snuggly over the teeth, giving patients poor results.
The bottom line is there is no orthodontic treatment that is as thorough or accurate as visiting an orthodontist in person throughout your treatment.

Contact Jolley Orthodontics!

At Jolley Orthodontics, we guarantee high-quality, professional treatment that is as safe as it is effective. You will receive constant monitoring to determine if we need to make changes to your treatment plan, giving you the results you deserve.
If you’re thinking about starting treatment, please contact us before using homemade braces or at-home treatment. We can evaluate your smile to determine the right treatment for you.